Artist :

Norm is the main artist at Ink In You. He will do his best to make you feel welcome whilst you have your work completed. He has been doing this job for coming up to 30 yrs now. 


If you would like to strike a conversation with him then mentioning a few of his favorite bands wouldn't be a bad move. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, etc.. You get the idea....


If you have any questions at all please say so before the ink starts, not much that can be done afterwards.. Norm will do what he can to make you feel at home whilst in the studio. He makes a mean brew, so don't forget to ask for one...


   Accreditations to date:


  • Tattoo Club - UK​

  • Tattoo Club - Japan

  • Tattoo Club - Amsterdam

  •  British Tattoo Federation



Jordyn is our apprentice here at Tattoo 2000, he has been with us for over a year and 5 months now. He is very capable and is now taking on more complex designs into his range of work. His work ranges from calligraphy,traditional style and other styles in between, he is particularly good at dotwork/mandala style tattoos and dotwork/ whipshading animal tattoos. He is also trained in standard piercings. He has progressed hugely in the last year and his skills continue to develop as time goes on. He has a very high level of concentration and always ensure that your tattoo is perfect before you leave the studio. 

Some of his obvious interests are tattoos and drawings, so a conversation on either will be quite easily struck. Other interests include camping, fishing, arcades, music and photography.